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Tie Analysis Of High Temperature Resistant Nylon
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      Micro spectroscopy technology provides high temperature resistant nylon Zhadai detection, PE Color Masterbatch analysis, performance optimization and other technical services, the integrated use of infrared spectrometer, NMR pop, thermogravimetric analysis of qualitative and quantitative method, mass spectrometer, XRD/XRF, obtaining a sample spectrum information, the solution of plastic components, help to improve product performance, to help solve the plastic properties of quality common faults. 

      Micro spectroscopy technique for PVC, PP, nylon, ABS and other common plastics as well as stabilizer, antioxidant, opening agent, antirust masterbatch, plastic additives, antibacterial masterbatch, conductive masterbatch plastic masterbatch component testing, to solve the plastic membrane, cold spots and other industrial fault.

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