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2013-06-04Nylon Cable Tie Winter Fracture How To Do Nylon cable tie winter fracture how to do, we're going to talk about. Arrived in the winter, we all know that plastic this thing in the winter will become very brittle, because the main ingredient of plastics is a large molecular aggrega... 2013-03-23Nylon Binding Tape Made Of Ul Approved Nylon 66 Material Injection Nylon cable tie with UL approved nylon 66 (Nylon 66) made of plastic materials, fireproof grade 94V-2, has good acid, corrosion, insulation, aging is not easy, strong bearing capacity. The operating temperature is -20 ℃ to +80 ℃ (ordin... 2013-03-23Nylon Binding Tape Product Use Nylon binding tape product use: widely used in TV, computer and other internal binding wire, household appliances, lighting, electrical, electronic toys and other products in the fixed line, mechanical equipment of oil pipeline is fixed,... 2012-10-09Use The Number Is What TubeWire and cable and insulated wire cores made identification signs, to ensure that the cable is correctly connected, installation and safe operation and convenient repair and maintenance. 2012-10-09What Are The Classification Number TubeNumber of tube can be divided into: O type number tube, pipe, heat shrinkable tube shaped number number, contract number tube.Zhejiang production and sales of Venus electric switch factory nylon tape, ribbon, plastic ribbon, band beam lin... 2012-09-27Nylon With Which ModelsNylon cable tie is a subdivision of the plastic industrial products industries, but the industries which products can be many, only from the model to classification is round steel nail line card, square type nail clips, hook type nail cli... 2012-09-12Ribbon ProductsL qualified fire rating 94V-2 NYLONMethod of use: the positioning piece of sponge rubber tearing, affixed to the machine plate is fixed, then the cable tie. 2012-09-12Nylon binding tape product introductionMaterial: the use ofUL approved nylon66 material,fire rating94V-2,acid,corrosion resistance,good insulation,not aging,strong bearing capacity.Operating temperature: -35℃ ~85 ℃Standardcolor:the color for the color(white),while the UV Bla...
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